Music Tuition

Each academic year, there is an opportunity for your child to be considered for music tuition in school.

  • Years 1 and 2 - Group recorder lessons

  • Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Brass, Keyboard, Guitar, Ukulele, Strings and Woodwind (including recorder).

Lessons are provided by the Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust. Teachers will make 33 visits to the school each year.

Learning an instrument is an exciting and valuable experience that can lead to an enjoyable life-long activity as well as provide wider health and educational benefits.

Instruments can usually be provided to beginners free of charge (except for guitar and keyboards). Advice on instrument purchase schemes is readily available for more experienced pupils.

The charge for tuition in 2022-23 academic year is £ 73.00 per 11 week term. £28 for recorder lessons.

(Families in financial need are advised to contact the school to see if any support is available towards tuition costs).

Parents should understand that students may be involved in a simple selection process to assess suitability. This will include an opportunity for some limited “hands on experience” as well as discussions with your child’s teachers.

Tuition is normally offered initially on a trial period - usually one year. Towards the end of the year a report will be provided which may help you to decide whether your child would benefit from continued tuition. Please note, if your child is absent, this will not entitle you to a rebate.

For more information about NMPAT and the extra-curricular opportunities that are available to your child, please go to their website

Please see the links below for introductory videos on having lessons in each department:

Our commitment to you and your child

To provide:

  • regular group lessons by a suitably qualified teacher with access to up-to-date information about the best ways of playing and enjoying a musical instrument.

  • in most cases the loan of an instrument. Primary school woodwind and brass instruments are available for three terms (33 lessons). Keyboard and guitars are not provided by the Trust.

  • an annual written report and the opportunity to discuss progress with your child’s teacher.

  • an opportunity to join a local Music and Performing Arts Centre. Supported membership is available to families in financial need, subject to certain criteria.

Commitments that we will need from you and your child

  • To attend lessons regularly and promptly so that continuity can be maintained.

  • To look after any instrument provided, as recommended by the teacher, and - particularly for more expensive instruments - to make adequate provision for loss or damage, for example through a musical instrument insurance policy.

  • To encourage regular practice (essential for progress) and attendance at school instrumental ensembles and a music centre.

  • To pay any fees promptly when requested.

  • In the event of wishing to discontinue lessons at the end of a term (Autumn, Spring, Summer) to give notice in writing to the school by the preceding half term holiday. Please note if insufficient notice is given you will be required to pay for the next chargeable period in lieu of notice.

For more information, please email

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