Implementation of our curriculum

The curriculum forms the basis for our learning and the experiences our children enjoy during their time here at Weedon Bec Primary School. We are proud that Weedon’s curriculum goes beyond the statutory National Curriculum (2014) and encompasses cultural, creative and sporting opportunities. The curriculum we offer at Weedon Bec enables us to ensure that every child develops the key learning steps and receives learning experiences and opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills in different ways. We ensure that learning at Weedon Bec broadens the values and opportunities for the child as they grow and develop. We deliver a coherently planned curriculum with a progressive development and understanding of key knowledge, skills and concepts, which are re-visited and built upon regularly. The majority of our content is subject specific whilst some content is combined in a cross-curricular approach enabling us to put knowledge into context. Our broad and balanced curriculum is not just the timetabled subjects; it is every child’s holistic experience of school. This includes extracurricular activities, trips, careers, how to behave, how to have tolerance of others and good mental health.

Outcomes are designed to meet not only the requirements of the National Curriculum but also to develop the skills needed by our children for learning and for life. We have a vibrant and rich curriculum, which builds upon the prior learning from EYFS to the end of KS2, ensuring consistency and progression. To ensure that progression and balance is maintained across the school, the programmes of study for each specific subject are turned into half termly units. Subject leaders ensure that the subject intent for their subject is up to date and relevant for the children we have in school. Teachers then translate these units into smaller daily / weekly plans where the specific needs of the children can be addressed.

Teachers use the Rosenshine 10 principles of instruction to deliver quality first teaching. Reviewing, scaffolding, modelling, questioning and ensuring teaching is in small steps where checking for understanding is an important tool. Considering these principles will ensure there is success for all.


Children will leave Weedon ready for the next stage in their learning at secondary school having been provided with a range of knowledge and skills to support them in their future endeavours. The children will be able to work collaboratively with their peers and independently as inquisitive learners who are motivated to excel and who have a thirst for learning. The children will have a strong desire to embrace challenges and to be resilient learners. Our curriculum will also enable our pupils to become good citizens and demonstrate an appreciation for others. Our children will be respectful and will show tolerance and acceptance to those from different faiths and backgrounds.

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