The Governing Body are appointed under the terms of Innovate Multi Academy Trust’s (IMAT) articles of association.  The term of office for all governors, except the Head of School, is 4 years.

Governors are responsible for setting general policy, adopting an annual plan and budget, monitoring the School, making major decisions about the direction of the school and senior staff appointments. 

The Governing Body are responsible for monitoring the performance of the children and the senior staff, and challenging the senior staff to continue to make good progress in all areas. The Governing Body take responsibility for the School building and grounds and are responsible for ensuring that they are kept in good order. 

The Governing Body meets at least 6 times per annum.

Our Governors have implemented a number of systems to assess risks, especially in the operational areas (e.g. teaching and learning, health, safety welfare and school trips).

The Governors are currently concentrating on:

·         Maintaining the good academic, artistic and athletic standards at the school, and seeking to improve these wherever possible.

·         Working closely with our Innovate Multi Academy Trust schools.

Chair of Governors-Mr Chris Hancock.

If you would like to contact the Chairperson, or any of our school governors, please email the iMAT Governance

or write to the governors via the school address:

Weedon Bec Primary School

West St   


Northamptonshire, NN7 4QU.

A list of the Multi Academy Trust (iMAT) members and directors can be found here


We currently have 2 co-opted vacancies on our governing board.

Please complete this online form to express your interest/apply for a post in school governance.

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Weedon Bec LGB meeting attendance 2022-23
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